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Photo of School Pupil

"The Executive Headteacher (EHT) and Head of School (HoS) present a united and committed approach towards school leadership. Through a range of monitoring they have developed a clear understanding of strengths and areas in need of improvement."

LLP Report - December 2017

"This is a lovely place to work; feel very supported with decisions where staff are valued, praised and encouraged."

Teacher - March 2018

"Newchurch Primary is a school that genuinely cares about their students and their progress. This year we have already begun to notice a big improvement in our child."

Parent Questionnaire November 2017 - Year 3 Parent

"Thank you to your Young Governors so much for our lovely lunch last Friday. We were so well treated and your Governors do you proud. They were all so polite and attentive that it was a pleasure to spend time with them."

Newchurch Drama Group - March 2018