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Addendum To The Positive Behaviour For Learning Policy
Addendum To The Child Protection & Safeguarding Policies During Covid
Home School Agreement
Covid 19 Protective Measures Risk Assessment

Our Statutory information.
  • Statutory

  • By law (The School Information Regulations 2012) each school is required to make the following information available:
  • • The school’s name, address and telephone number, plus contact details to whom enquiries should be addressed (please see details at the footer of this page).
  • • The school’s admissions policy in full, which should include arrangements for selection, oversubscription criteria and application (please see link below):
  • Policy Information
  • Information on where and how this information can be accessed on the local authority’s website (please see the Local Offer link at the footer of this page).
  • • Information on our most recent Ofsted report and how to access (please see link below):
  • Ofsted Information
  • • Information on the School Performance Tables and how to access (please see tabs on this page just above the 'Statutory' heading).
  • • Information on the School Curriculum (please see tabs on this page just above the 'Statutory' heading).
  • • Information on our Equality Objectives (please see link below and select Single Equalities Policy):
  • Policy Information
  • Safeguarding

  • Newchurch Primary School is committed to Safeguarding. Any concerns you may have about a child please contact any of our Designated Safeguarding Leads.
  • We have three DSLs:
  • • K Howarth - Executive Head Teacher - DSL
  • • Jo Payne - Head of School - Deputy DSL
  • • Caroline Martin - ELSA Lead - Deputy DSL
  • • Bex Edmunds - Safeguarding Governor - Level 3 trained
  • Please see the following NSPCC link giving further details:
  • Further Information
  • Performance

  • See the link below to view our Performance Tables:
  • Performance Tables
  • For further information please contact the school directly.
  • Curriculum

  • SMSC at Newchurch Primary School
  • Cultural Development
  • Moral Development
  • Social Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • Further information regarding our curriculum can be found on our about page and selecting class details on the right, or selecting the following link:
  • Curriculum Information
  • For further information on the national curriculum please see the following link:
  • National Curriculum
  • Information regarding Complaints, Positive Behaviour Management and School's Charging and Remissions can be found on our Policies page, or selecting the following link:
  • Policy Information
  • Information regarding our SEND Report, Governor details and British Values can be found on our home page, or selecting the following link:
  • Information
  • Information regarding Pupil Premium grant and PE and Sport Grant (how the allocation is intended to be spent, how the previous years' allocation was spent etc) can be found on our home page, or selecting the following link:
  • Grant Information
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