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Executive Headteacher: Miss K Howarth Head of School: Mrs Louise Parkin Co-Chairs of Governors: Mr D Botell and Mr I Watterson
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    • Leave of Absence

      As parents, you have the legal responsibility to ensure your child’s regular attendance at school. Applications for leave of absence will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and the number of days given determined by the Headteacher. If you wish to apply for a leave of absence for your child in term time, you will need to complete this form and return it to the school office no later than 14 days before the requested date. Any leave of absence during term time which is not applied for or agreed to by the school will be recorded as unauthorised and will be referred to the Local Authority. This may result in a Truancy Penalty Notice
      Leave of Absence - (Tuesday, 1 September 2020)
    • Contact details Form

      Please ensure the school has the most up-to date contact details for yourself and child. If you have changed contact details, addresses or telephone number please inform the school office.
      Contact details Form - (Tuesday, 1 September 2020)
    • Medication Form

      Please complete if your child has a known medical condition
      Medication Form - (Tuesday, 1 September 2020)
    • Free School Meals Form

      Please complete and return if you think you are eligible
      Free School Meals Form - (Tuesday, 1 September 2020)
    • School Meals & Drinks

      All school lunches are cooked onsite every day in our own school kitchen. The team of staff led by Caterlink follow guidelines, including catering for special dietary requirements. Please also note the Government operates a Universal Free School Meal system for any child in Reception Year 1 or Year 2. This entitles your child to a free hot meal every day. However, if you would like to purchase a school dinner it will be £2.15. Additionally, if you would like to bring a packed lunch we encourage children to bring healthy lunches which could include items such as fruits, vegetables and yogurts.
      School Meals & Drinks - (Tuesday, 1 September 2020)
    • After School Clubs Autumn 1

      Reception Children cannot book an after school club this term, however, you can book your YR child into CoolKidz for after school child care via School Money.
      After School Clubs Autumn 1 - (Monday, 20 September 2021)
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